Portugal Golden Visa

Portugal Golden Visa

The Portuguese Golden Visa remains the best choice for obtaining European citizenship via direct investment. With the lowest residency requirements and the ability to acquire citizenship directly through investment, applicants only need to stay for seven days per year. After a minimum of five years, they can apply for Portuguese permanent residency or citizenship, and subsequently obtain a European passport.

In the past year, there have been significant changes to the Portuguese Golden Visa program, with the government terminating the option for real estate investment. However, the program still exists, with the most popular option being a fund investment of 500,000 euros. For individuals who have stable employment or business overseas and currently have no plans to relocate, but still wish to obtain European citizenship for themselves and their families, this is a good choice.

Visa advantages

The Portugal Golden Visa Program allows you and your family to enjoy European Union Rights : 

  1. Live, work, and study in Portugal and travel freely in all of the other Schengen countries
  2. Enjoy visa-free travel to over 26 EU countries 
  3. Public healthcare and education (primary and university)
  4. Family benefits with the same conditions, including spouse, children (<25 years old), parents and parents in law 
  5. Residency requires only 7 days in Portugal per year 
  6. No tax implications for non-habitual resident 
  7. Apply for Portuguese citizenship after 5 years and obtain EU passport 
  8. Freely live, study and work in 27 EU countries after obtaining Portugal citizenship

Basic requirements

Age requirements

  • The main applicant is over 18 years old

Family requirements

  • Spouse
  • Children under 18 years of age
  • Children of 18-25 years old, being unmarried and full-time students
  • Retired and financially dependent parents (65 or above do not require proof)

Financial requirements

  • Ability to invest in designated investment projects
  • No proof of source of funds and due diligence are required

Character requirements

  • Not been convicted of a criminal offence in any country
  • Able to provide proof of no criminal record


Portugal Golden Visa Investment

Under the new constitutional law in Portugal, the current viable option for the Golden Visa is investing in designated investment funds in Portugal. The minimum investment amount is 500,000 euros, and the investment period is at least five years, until permanent residency or citizenship is obtained. These funds must allocate at least 60% of their investments to companies headquartered in Portugal and cannot directly or indirectly invest in the real estate market.

Portugal Golden Visa 葡萄牙黃金簽證

Investment Funds

In Portugal, the establishment of funds requires approval and scrutiny from the Portuguese Securities Market Commission (CMVM). The subsequent investment operations of the funds are also subject to continuous supervision by the CMVM. As for the safety of investors’ funds held by custodian banks, they are subject to oversight and regulation by both the Bank of Portugal and the European Central Bank.

In addition to the regulatory oversight during the establishment of funds, fund management companies also adhere to strict standards and policies regarding the subsequent investment direction of the funds. Therefore, investing in funds allows for maximum risk control.

Investment Funds are characterized by not placing all capital into a single business but rather being managed by professional financial teams, allowing for greater diversification of investments to effectively spread risk. Additionally, as an investor, the subscription process for funds is relatively simple, and the fees involved are transparent. When compared to real estate investments, fund investments involve fewer complex procedures, such as property inspections and transfers, thereby reducing the cumbersome processes and increasing investment efficiency.

Most importantly, there are no transaction fees or other government charges for subscribing to or exiting funds. Applicants are also not required to pay land registration fees or stamp duty costs. Furthermore, fund investments are completely tax-free. For individuals who only intend to stay in Portugal for 7 days per year to obtain citizenship, non-tax residents do not have to pay taxes on any profits gained when exiting the fund upon maturity.

When considering the choice of funds, applicants can take into consideration of the background of the fund company and fund manager, the legal structure of the fund, the fund’s category and sector, the investment cycle, the fund’s past performance, and, of course, the most important factor, which is the fund’s investment strategy and expected returns.

We currently offer a variety of eligible investment funds under the new law, this includes:

– Hospitality Fund
– International School Fund
– Food Retail Fund 
– Agricultural Fund
– Energy Efficiency Fund 

Please get in touch for more information. 

Videos showcasing GV eligible funds

Visa application process

Latest News

Path to citizenship: The timeline for obtaining Portuguese citizenship through the Golden Visa program has been revised. The 5-year period required to qualify for citizenship now begins from the date of application, rather than from the issuance of the Golden Visa card. This adjustment results in a time-saving of 18 to 24 months for investors seeking to obtain a passport.


Initial Application: Appoint Portuguese Law Firm and Tax Representative, Open Portuguese Bank Account 


Fund Subscription: Subscribe Golden Visa Eligible Funds and complete KYC checks 


Visa preparation: Collect relevant documentation for the Golden Visa Application, including No Criminal Record Certificate  


Visa Submission (Year 0): Submit the Golden Visa application online (5-year period start counting from the date of application) 


Visa approval: After the Golden Visa application is approved, applicant will need to travel to Portugal to attend visa centre appointment in person 


Residence card: After the visa appointment, you will be issued with a 2 year residence card 


Residency 1st renewal (Year 2): 
Need to prove ownership and maintenance of Investment Funds , minimum residency requirement of 7 days per year or 14 days over 2 years


Residency 2nd renewal (Year 4):

Need to prove ownership and maintenance of Investment Funds , minimum residency requirement of 7 days per year or 14 days over 2 years 


Permanent residency or citizenship  (Year 5):

Apply for permanent residency or citizenship, after passing the Portuguese A2 test  

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to invest in different GV eligible funds to diversify and split your investment funds. By investing in multiple funds, you can potentially benefit from different market opportunities and minimize the impact of any individual investment’s performance on your overall portfolio. 

The Golden Visa involves the following government fees and third party fees:-




Gov Fee

Visa application fee

Initial: EUR773.74 / Applicant

Extension: EUR773.74 / Applicant

Gov Fee

Golden Visa fees

Initial: EUR7,730.11 / Applicant

Extension: EUR3,865.79 / Applicant

Portugal Lawyer Fees

Processing investment and visa applications

Depend on different law firms’ quotation

Third Party Professional and Documentation Fees

Documents apostilled, notarized and translation

Depend on the number of documents

Portugal Tax Accountant Fee

Tax representative

Depend on different accountant firms’ quotation

You must pass the Portuguese A2 exam before you apply Portugal Permanent residency/ Citizenship. The A2 level is the ability to communicate in the simple, basic and predictable situations in daily life, such as in workplace and in school.


The Portugal language test (CAPLE) consists of three parts: writing, listening and speaking.

There are many institutions teaching Portuguese in Hong Kong (such as HKU Space, etc.), and applicants can also apply the online course.


CAPLE has 3 examination periods each year, which are May, July and November. Applicants can take the examination at 3 officially recognized institutions in Macau, including:

  1. Instituto Português do Oriente,IPOR,
  2. University of Macao,
  3. Macao Polytechnic University


The exam takes about 2 hours and is structured as follows:


  • Speaking (10-15 minutes – 25 % total)
  • Reading and Writing (1 hour 15 points – 45 % total)
  • Listening (30 minutes – 30 % total)


Exam scores range from 0-100 with passing score at 55. Once you passed the exam, you will be issued with a certificate, and the certificate is permanently valid. After completing the 5-year valid temporary residence, the applicant can be eligible to apply for permanent residence or passport.

We will provide comprehensive guidance and support throughout the entire Golden Visa process. This includes assisting you in selecting eligible GV funds, handling the filing of the Golden Visa application, and acting as a liaison with a Portuguese lawyer on your behalf. We will also ensure continuous follow-up on the entire process, from the initial application to the visa renewal at Year 2 and 4. Our commitment is to support you every step of the way until you successfully obtain Portugal permanent residency or citizenship, providing you with personalized assistance and guidance throughout the journey.