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Founder & Managing Director of UK Immigration Specialist, LLB., LLM.


Called to the Bar of England and Wales as a Barrister-at-law in 2011

Moving to a new country could be the most challenging event for one’s life. Leaving the homeland and embarking on new land, we need not only to adapt to a new environment but there may also be no one around to provide support and guidance.

Janine Miu, the founder of UK Immigration Specialist, graduated with a Master of Laws from the City University of London and a Bachelor of Laws from Lincoln University in the United Kingdom. She is the only professional consultant in Hong Kong who has the qualification as a Barrister-at-law in England and Wales.

“Since our establishment, we have always adhered to the concept of ‘Heart to Heart’ approach, ‘achieving your goals’, providing professional and integrity services to those who intend to relocate to the UK. We really want to help those in need.” Janine Miu said.

Having specialised in UK Immigration Law for over 10 years, Janine understands how courage it takes for immigration. She also understands how struggle people would be while seeking the right information.

Other than the business, Janine has always tried her best to provide accurate information to the public with her expertise and experience on the Facebook page, sometimes help clarify misunderstandings and rumours. Over the years, she has been featured in many media from Hong Kong and the world, including the BBC, Reuters, the Guardian, Bloomberg, Radio and Television Hong Kong, Commercial Radio, Apple Daily, Ming Pao, etc.

In addition, Janine has also published her own books. Her co-authors include “只想追趕生命裡一分一秒 移民英國解讀101”, “擁有同樣寄望 香港人移居英國的故事” and “離開以後 妳還好嗎”.

Our Professional Team

We are the only company in Hong Kong that has its own in-house immigration team. All applications and subsequent processing procedures are handled by our team. Our team members not only have professional knowledge in UK immigration law, but also have rich experience in personal and business visa applications, with strong customer service and the experience of studying, working and residing in the UK. 

Charlotte Hartnett

Founding Member & Senior Manager  

Charlotte was born and raised in the UK, and graduated from the University of Sussex (UK). She is well versed with local British culture and the current UK immigration laws.

As a founding member of UK Immigration Specialist, she has been working with the team for over 7 years and has been processed more than 2,000 immigration applications with a 100% success rate, including investment and entrepreneurial visas, writing business plans for clients and preparing for interviews. She is our current Head of Case Processing, and supervising each visa application quality and accuracy. 

Penny Chow

Senior Manager, MBA

Penny, MBA graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He is an experience business professional and familiar with business immigration. He has more than 10 Years experience in finance, business and commercial areas. He is knowledgable in all types of Investment and business visas.

He has managed over 500 immigration applications with a 100% success rate this year. Apart from daily operations, he is also responsible for our business development including establishing partnerships with different service providers in order to improve our value-add services to customers. In addition, he is also managing various company events, including the 2021 Hong Kong Book Fair, the 2021 International Immigration & Property Expo, and the regular immigration seminars.

Shirley Lee

Senior Associate, BA

Shirley moved to Scotland from a young age and studied in state school, grammar school and university in the UK. She graduated with Bachelor of Arts from University of Strathclyde before returning back to HK. She is very familiar with local British culture and understands the difficulties and needs of families wishing to immigrate.

She has handled more than 200 immigration applications with a 100% success rate since she joined our team 2 years ago. Her optimistic, attentive and caring personality contributes to her providing an exceptional client care experience.

Nathan Lam

Senior Associate, BA

Nathan lived and studied in the UK. He graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Business English from Coventry University. He has excellent bilingual communication skills, able to provide customers with clear verbal and written immigration advice. Additionally, he previously worked in a banking industry, so is skilled and knowledgable in handling the financial requirements of investment and entrepreneurship visas and as well as all other visas.

He has handled over 150 immigration applications with a 100% successfulrate. He is able to handle high volume of immigration cases accurately within a tight deadline. Which has been always appreicated by our clients who wish to apply as soon as possible.

Emily Chong

Senior Associate, BA

Emily graduated with Bachelor of Arts in Translation in The University of Hong Kong. She is a former Immigration Officer in the HKSAR Immigration Department for more than 6 years and looked over PR approval of immigration applications. As the Hong Kong immigration system is similar with the British one, she is very familiar with immigration regulations and approval procedures of various visas.

Since joining the company, her patience and understanding have been appreicated by our clients. In addition, she contributed exceptionally to the 2021 Hong Kong Book Fair, the 2021 International Immigration & Property Expo and various immigration seminars.

Boni Chan

Senior Associate, BBA

Boni graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration from City University of Hong Kong. She is a very experience Immigration professional, previously working in the Hong Kong MPFA for 7 years in which she specialised in handling various customers enquiries.

Her professionalism and sincerity successfully secure trust of clients. She devoted to the 2021 Hong Kong Book Fair, the 2021 International Immigration & Property Expo and various immigration seminars by providing realiable advices to the participants.

Our Customer Service Team

In addition to our management team and immigration team, our customer service team is mainly responsible for responding to our client inquiries and messages on various platforms (such as Facebook, MeWe, Youtube, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram).

Our team members are former customer service specialists of renown international corporations, with over 10 years of customer caring experience. The team are dedicated to provide exceptional level of customer service, accurate and professional advices to our clients.

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