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– UK Barrister,  LL.B(HONS),  LLM
– Called to the Bar of England & Wales as a Barrister in 2011
– Founder & Director of Janine & Co Immigration Specialist 

Moving to a new country can be considered one of the most significant challenges in life. Leaving behind a familiar and comfortable home, stepping into an unknown land, and adapting to a new living environment can be overwhelming. There may be a lack of support and guidance around, leading to feelings of confusion and worry.

Janine Miu, the founder of Janine & Co Immigration Specialist, is a UK barrister who holds a Master of Laws from City, University of London, and a Bachelor of Laws from the University of Lincoln. Her company has been providing immigration visa services for the UK, EU, and Australia for the past ten years.

Her motivation for starting her own company and providing related consultancy services stems from her genuine care for people. “Since our establishment, we have always embraced the principles of ‘heart-to-heart’ communication and ‘fulfilling dreams,’ silently providing professional and caring services to those who intend to immigrate to the UK, hoping to help those in need,” says Janine Miu.

Having worked in the field of immigration services for many years, Janine deeply understands the courage required to take that first step towards immigration. She also realizes why people can easily get lost in the vast ocean of information.

In addition to her work, Janine has been actively using her expertise and experience to provide accurate information to the public through her company’s social media platforms. Her professional services have been sought after by both local and international media for interviews, including Reuters, Bloomberg, BBC, Financial Times, The Guardian, Voice of America, ViuTV, RTHK, Commercial Radio Hong Kong, South China Morning Post, Ming Pao, and Sing Tao Daily.

Apart from media interviews, Janine has also published her own works, including the following co-authored books:

– “Chasing Every Moment in Life: An Interpretation of Immigration to the UK 101” (2018)
– “Stories of Hong Kong People Immigrating to the UK with the Same Aspirations” (2020)
– “Are You Okay After Leaving?” (2021)
– “Hope is an Expedition to the Future: Stories of Hong Kong People Becoming European Citizens” (2023)

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IG: janine_miu

Our Professional Team

Charlotte Hartnett

Associate Director

Charlotte was born and raised in the UK. She completed her education at the University of Sussex in the UK. With her deep understanding of British culture and extensive knowledge of the current UK immigration laws, Charlotte is well-equipped to assist clients in their immigration journey.

As one of the founding members of Janine & Co Immigration Specialist, Charlotte has been an integral part of the team for over 7 years. She has successfully processed more than 2,000 immigration applications with a remarkable 100% success rate. Her expertise lies in handling various types of visas, including investment and entrepreneurial visas. Charlotte also assists clients by writing business plans and preparing them for interviews, ensuring that each application is of the highest quality and accuracy. In her role as the Head of Case Processing, she supervises the entire visa application process to ensure exceptional service and results for clients.

Shirley Lee

Assistant Manager,
Client Mangement

Shirley, originally from Hong Kong, moved to Scotland at a young age and completed her education in the UK. She attended state school, grammar school, and university, obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Strathclyde. Having experienced life and education in the UK, Shirley has developed a deep understanding of UK culture and is well-versed in the challenges and needs of families looking to immigrate.

Since joining our team, Shirley has successfully handled over 500 immigration applications, achieving a flawless 100% success rate. Her positive, attentive, and caring personality allows her to provide exceptional client care, ensuring that each client receives the support and guidance they need throughout the immigration process. Shirley’s expertise extends beyond the UK, as she is also well-versed in the Ireland IIP (Investor Immigration Programme) and Portugal Golden Visa programme, offering valuable insights and assistance to clients interested in these immigration options.

Nathan Lam

Assistant Manager,
Case Management

Nathan was graduated from the Coventry University and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business English. With his strong bilingual communication skills, Nathan is able to provide clear and effective verbal and written immigration advice to customers for the UK and EU market. 

Prior to joining our team, Nathan worked in the banking industry, which has equipped him with valuable skills and knowledge in handling the financial requirements associated with investment and entrepreneurship visas, as well as other visa categories. His expertise in this area ensures that clients receive comprehensive guidance and support throughout the application process.

Nathan’s exceptional organizational skills enable him to handle a high volume of immigration cases accurately and efficiently, even within tight deadlines. He has successfully managed over 300 immigration applications, maintaining a flawless 100% success rate.


Calvin Tai

Senior Associate

Calvin has been a resident of the UK since a young age, accumulating extensive knowledge and experience through his 13 years of living and studying there. He has first-hand experience attending boarding school and holds a degree in Business & Management from the University of Bradford.

With over 5 years of experience working in a tech start-up, Calvin brings valuable expertise in business development and marketing to the team. 

Calvin’s diverse background makes him an asset to the team, as he can provide support and guidance to clients regarding schooling options and local culture. He is well-equipped to address inquiries related to education and help clients navigate the UK’s educational system.

Overall, Calvin’s knowledge, experience, and business acumen make him a valuable member of the team, providing comprehensive support and expertise to clients throughout the immigration process.

Maggie Ng webpic

Maggie Ng

Senior Associate

Maggie holds a Bachelor of Social Science degree in International Studies from The City University of Hong Kong. With over 7 years of experience in the aviation industry, she has honed her skills in navigating dynamic and ever-changing environments. This experience has equipped her with the ability to adapt to the fast-paced nature of the immigration industry.

Maggie specializes in various visa categories, including BNO visas, Spouse visas, UK permanent residency, and British citizenship applications. Her expertise allows her to provide tailored immigration solutions for clients from diverse backgrounds. She is adept at understanding the unique needs of each family and offering professional advice accordingly.

One of Maggie’s strengths lies in her warm and compassionate personality, which enables her to deliver a seamless and empathetic experience to clients. She values building strong client relationships and strives to maintain open lines of communication throughout the immigration process.


Our Client Service Team

In addition to our management team and immigration team, our client service team is mainly responsible for responding to our client inquiries and messages on various platforms (such as Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Whatsapp, Signal and Telegram).

Our team members are former customer service specialists of renown international corporations, with over 10 years of customer caring experience. The team are dedicated to provide exceptional level of customer service, accurate and professional advices to our clients.

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