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We specialise in UK immigration and visa services and proud to be the only Hong Kong based firm with our own in-house team that are proficient in UK Immigration Law.
Our team are committed to provide a comprehensive and professional service for all types of UK visas, including BNO visa, Spouse visa, Working visa, Innovator visa, Start-up visa, Domestic Worker visa, Ten-year long residence, Permanent Residency and British Citizenship applications.
In addition to the UK, we also provide immigration services to Ireland and Portugal for those who are interested in obtaining EU residency and citizenship, including Ireland Immigrant Investor Programme (IIP) and Portugal Golden visa (GV). 

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There are many challenges throughout the immigration process, from visa applications to children’s school enrollment, from housing arrangements to tax planning, from pet immigration to the preparation for relocating to a new country. The founder, Janine and her team have over ten years of proven immigration experience and they have successfully assisted thousands of families to immigrate and start their new life journey in the UK. We hope that we can handle all the hard work and stress for you. We are here to ensure that a simple and straight-forward immigration process is provided.

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Immigration is not always easy.

Immigration is not always easy. When I tried filling in the online application myself, I constantly encountered problems. I was really discouraged as it was too difficult to write a business plan. Throughout the process, Janine offered me guidance and support. Recently, I received my permanent residence from the UK Home Office. I am really grateful to have her along this tough journey.

Ms J. Leung

Thanks to Janine and her team!

Thanks to Janine and her team again for the effort they have put together for me over the last four years. In addition to the eight-month preparation when applying for the initial visa, we encountered lots of hurdles in setting up my business after arriving in the UK. I think many T1E applicants thought that the requirement for visa extension was simple but in fact, there were many complicated matters to pay attention to, from the omission of documents to the format errors, one inconspicuous point might have a negative impact on the extension application. With Janine’s professionalism and her carefulness on handling my extension application, I was able to focus on editing and distributing my magazine, as well as running my bookstore.

Mr E. Lai

Listen attentively, walk through ups and downs side by side

Founder Janine Miu

And her professional team

“Over the years, numerous people have inquired about immigration to the UK, and many of them have implemented immigration plans. In the era of information flooding, it is, of course, not hard to search for relevant information over the Internet. However, there are way too many references on the Internet in which some of them might defer from the UK Immigration law – personal experience shared by people, prospective applicants in major forums etc.


The UK Immigration Rules are not easy to follow. The stories I have encountered in my work life over the last few years has taught me to really step into customers’ shoes and be compassionate. If applicants can learn more about the various visa requirements, understand the difficulties that will be foreseen in the future, and whether the stories are there, can it be rewritten? That is my wish and my motivation to keep helping people to achieve their immigration dreams.
I hope you find the information shared in our articles useful and inspiring. We are here to back you up. Continue on the journey of Immigration, pursue your immigration dreams bravely. It is my honour to have met you throughout the journey. This is a unique story, a story that belongs to you, me and every Hong Konger who successfully relocated to the UK. “

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離開以後,妳還好嗎 - 寄望夢想於今後
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Why choose us?

We are the only UK immigration firm based in Hong Kong with our own in-house team that focus solely on UK immigration law. Unlike other companies in Hong Kong we do not outsource your application, meaning we can tailor our services to your specific circumstances. Our team provide a professional and reliable solutions to ensure your application is successful.
Since 2014, we have handled more than 5,000 applications and efficiently assisting our clients to relocate to the UK, with a overall success rate of 99.9%. We handle all of the visa and immigration side with ease, allowing you and your family to focus on the relocation related aspects.
If, unfortunately your application is refused, we provide a free service to submit an “Administrative Review” to appeal the decision. In addition to our high success rate, this service gives you and your family extra assurance.
Your application and information are handled independently by our team and we guarantee no other parties are involved. Our laptops and other electronic devices (mobiles and iPads) are protected by a VPN to ensure your application is submitted confidentially.
All aspects of your applications, from face to face consults, emails and document collection is handled by our skilled Immigration Team based in Hong Kong. Hence, there is no time and regional limitations for you to check case progress and ask any questions directly to our team.
We communicate seamlessly with you and help you follow the case throughout the entire application process, so that you are informed on the latest application status. Meanwhile, we answer all your enquiries and guide you through the whole process and communication with the UK Visa and Immigration Department on your behalf. We understand our clients have different timeframes and work with them to meet their requirements.
We understand each client is different and we provide you with the most suitable immigration solutions according to the needs of you and your family. Rest assured we cover the whole process from consult to application and follow up services. We know relocation is not solely about the visa application and provide all kinds of referrals and advice to meet your needs, including shipping, accommodation, employment, schooling, taxation and pet relocation referrals. After you and your family have relocated to the UK, we are still available to provide with the necessary assistance whenever you need.

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